Celebrating 15 Years

Chelsey Arnal here from Events and Experiences!

October 2020 marked a big milestone for me! Fifteen years ago I started my wedding planning business. Goodness, saying that out loud makes me feel kinda old but really proud. 

You may not know that my first wedding planning company was called Bride Associates. I remember when I was trying to decide on a name, I knew I wanted something that would allow me to grow a team. I grew up with an athletic background and loved the dream of working together with a team dedicated to one goal. 

In 2012, I decided to grow and rebrand. I wanted to expand our offerings and reach more people with our mission. Bride Associates changed to Events & Experiences. Since then, we have grown into a company that is valued and respected all over the world, not only serving couples getting married, but everyday celebrations, high school prom, corporate clients, charities and we offer luxury travel experiences too! 

Back when I started this business, there weren't tv shows or movies about being a wedding planner. I was young, naive, bright eyed and a lot of people didn’t think I had a chance of making this a career. 

Thankfully I met people like you who supported me.

I also have had the honor of serving with an incredible team. Year after year I have had some of the most talented event professionals walk through our office. Whether they have been part of our mission for a year or five years, each one has played a special role in making what Events and Experiences is today. 

Our success is solely because you embraced me, my team, our mission, cheered us on and shared your clients with us. We are incredibly grateful and I am humbled beyond measure.   

Over the past five years, I took a few steps back from my involvement in the event industry. I haven’t been to networking events, I resigned from the board of the PWG, took a break from AACWP meetings and only took on a limited number of clients, all destination weddings, so you probably haven’t seen me around too often. 

You see in 2015, after many years of infertility, my husband and I adopted the most adorable four year old little boy. Then just six month later we got pregnant and had another precious baby boy. In the midst of gaining these two amazing blessings, my husband has also been fighting cancer. These life circumstances pushed me to focus on my family and take a much needed break from events every weekend. 

Allowing my team, specifically Betsy Baldwin, take the lead and watch her grow, gives me all the mama bear feelings. You most likely have had her contagious smile and big heart, plan one of our events or use her incredible talent to transform a room and bring a client’s vision to life. I am truly grateful and honored for the commitment and encouragement each one of my team members have offered me these past few years and I hope you have had the privilege of getting to know them too!  

Taking this time away from our incredible industry has given me a fresh outlook on what’s next for Events and Experiences. Going into this new chapter, I am delighted to share with you that we are making some exciting changes! 

Be on the lookout for updates to our website, a fresh new look with our branding (we are loving all things pink, palm leaves and pineapples), amazing online education for event pros, and an emphasis on our mission of helping people create moments that matter.

Over the past fifteen years, it has been a true joy and honor to serve you and your clients. We are looking forward to another amazing fifteen years of celebrating with you!